Sound and voice – powerful tools of transformation

„I came for the gong and sound therapy training, but experienced much more than I could have imagined” - these are the most beautiful „thank you” words we hear from the participants of our 9-day intensive training sessions. What is it that makes it so worth participating in this workshop?

Do you love sound?

Our friend Esteban, Musicologist and expert in Pre-Colombian instruments will come to Porabka, Poland to lead a 4 day intensive workshop on the Cosmo-vision of the pre-Hispanic South American cultures from 20 to 23 July 2017.

What is MEM Gong Yoga?

“When you exist in your most powerful resonance, you are like a resonating Gong, experiencing the bliss of true health!”

9-dniowy trening “Gong i dźwięk w terapii” – warsztaty Lipiec / Sierpień 2017 – Porąbka

Chcemy zaprosić Was, tak jak robimy to co roku, do naszego magicznego miejsca, w sercu polskich gór. Nasz ośrodek odnowy jest unikalną przestrzenią, otoczoną lasem i naturą z salą pełną Gongów i różnych interesujących instrumentów z całego świata.


Gong Playing in Therapy & Ceremony [PHOTOS]

The purpose of this workshop (24.-26.03.) was to encourage personal growth and as a result enrich and enhance the life of each participant.


Our special journey throught another magical sound mystery tour from the 7-16 July / 18-27 August.

Mem gong yoga teacher training

Mem gong yoga teacher training - Shambalan Bornstorpet - 28/10-1/11 - with Abby delSol and Karin Gibson.

9-Day Intensive Gong & Sound Therapy Training – Workshop 2018 Poland

In 2018, three workshops! Our special journey throught another magical sound mystery tour from the 25.05.-3.06., 29.06.-8.07., 17.08.-26.08.