Gongi Tone of Life dookoła świata

Wspaniały, bogaty i głęboki dźwięk Gongów Tone of Life rozbrzmiewa w różnych miejscach na całym świecie. W dużych miastach i miasteczkach, na salach koncertowych, na festiwalach... ale także blisko Was, w Waszych domach...

Tone of Life Gongs Around The World

The magnificent, rich and deep sound of Tone of Life Gongs resound in various places around the world. In big cities and small towns, in workshops, concert halls, festivals, treatment rooms close to you… but also in your homes.

Listen to the beautiful sound of NEW Water Gong by Tone of Life

The New Water Gong is the latest gong in our 4-Element Series. Whereas Shemoon (original Water Gong) represents and influences the ebb and flow of our waters, The New Water represents water in all of it's manifestations.

Gong Bath – in the oceanic waters of the gong tones

A Gong Bath is a submersion in the ocean of sound… no physical water or bathing suit involved!  All you do is lye comfortably on a mat and close your eyes.  Like during the relaxation after a Yoga class. 


Taiwan Tour 2017

Intensive Gong & Sound Therapy Trainings, Gong Baths & Concerts.

Interview with Tom Soltron for “Unknown World” magazine

The editors of NŚ are proud to award Tom Soltron Czartoryski with the NWS (Unknown World Magazin) Certificate for his contribution to portraying Life as Travel through the World of Sound, to the innermost depths of the Soul.

Ceremonia Dźwięku z Gongami oraz Improwizacja Muzyczna w Warszawie

Tam, gdzie łączą się dźwięki alfa (pierwotne) i omega (kosmiczne), znajduje się przestrzeń wypełniona tonem gongu. To wibrujące miejsce, w którym wszechobecne fale tonów łączą się i kołyszą jak fale oceanu.

The Art of Sound Improvisation & Concert, Spain – 20 April to 23 April 2017

Sound is one of the most powerful tools on the road to transformation and healing. The Sound of the Gong and other frequencies that we use in this workshop, help you to release, let go and open yourself to all that you are.