Gong Stand – Why is it so important?

A good Gong stand is an indispensable tool for anyone who plays these unique instruments. After many attempts, we have just created such a stand, which we ourselves use with pleasure in our work.

Gong Bath – in the oceanic waters of the gong tones

A Gong Bath is a submersion in the ocean of sound… no physical water or bathing suit involved!  All you do is lye comfortably on a mat and close your eyes.  Like during the relaxation after a Yoga class. 

The Ocean of Voice – Vilnius, Lithuania [PHOTO GALLERY]

Opening European concert for 2017. Submerge in the Ocean of Choice, where everything is possible, where with awareness, focus and love you create your own reality.

Gong w Terapii Dźwiękiem oraz Ceremoniach Dźwiękowych 24-26 Marca 2017

Otwórz się na moc dźwięku doświadczaną za pośrednictwem instrumentu o najwyższym rezonansie harmonicznym - Gongu. Ten warsztat jest przeznaczony zarówno dla początkujących jak i tych, którzy już grają na gongu.


The Art of Sound Healing – Sweden, 28 & 29 October 2016

Sound is one of the most powerful tools on the road to transformation and healing. The Sound of the Gong and other frequencies that we use in this workshop, help you to release, let go and open yourself to all that you are.

Gong Bath – Warsaw 18 December 2016

We create the sound track, you create your own inner movie from which you manifest your own reality... Dream your Dream alive...

What is MEM Gong Yoga?

“When you exist in your most powerful resonance, you are like a resonating Gong, experiencing the bliss of true health!”

Kąpiel w Gongu

Kąpiel w Gongu przypomina zalanie ciała i umysłu oceanem dźwięku…