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World Peace Bell Garden

The foundation of these constructions represents amplification of the beneficial influence of power spots upon man.

The centers of power were regarded in antiquity as the acupuncture-point of the Earth, regulating processes of planetary homeostasis and facilitating contacts with other dimensions of the Universe. Taking into account the results of research concerning the activity of the earth’s crust, such an assumption might be justified.

The megalithic complex usually consists of a rather complicated system of stones put vertically in the ground, creating a circle or several circles, rows and a labyrinth. The positioning of stones is often connected with cardinal points and stars (Polar Star or Zodiac constellations). For this reasons most scientists believe the stone gardens to be a kind of ancient astronomical observatory.

In every stone complex there is a focal point, an altar, a sanctuary, a bell, or a panel where the ceremonies were conducted. According to prof. Eugene Fajdysz there is an obvious analogy between construction of a megalithic structure and a phased antenna which is a device capable of concentrating and focusing the electromagnetic energy in a given direction. In his opinion the stone gardens could be generators in which invisible vortexes of energy field turn around (If you want to learn more about this concept you can read his book “The Mystical Universe”.)

Thanks to these characteristics the stone gardens can fulfill the following functions:

Firstly – facilitate communication with the teachers from other dimensions or, to put it in the more contemporary language, the other information levels of the Universe.
Secondly – assist in supporting the harmony and order in their environment by “sucking away” chaos. Thirdly – harmonize the consciousness of all Earth inhabitants by supporting the relation Earth and mankind.

Given these assumptions the stone circles would be the oldest ecological devices of our planet.


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