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2012 marks the beginning of MEM Gong Yoga Teachers training. See calendar for training dates in Europe. The practicing Journeyman Gong Master is one who is able to design the pre-bath Gong Yoga Kriya.


At the turn of this century, 2000 was the 3rd Millennium number and 2001 was “year one’ of the 21st Century.

All cycles whether organic or synthetic as is this one, re-boot themselves and become recurring turning points of the quantum human consciousness shifting and lifting.


We may need our natural sleeping cycle of a minimum of 7.5 hours of mental-emotional rest (5 cycles of 90 minutes each) because that’s when the synapses between the neurons in our brain matter are pruned of yesterday’s obsolete experiences.


Consider the therapeutic micro gong Bath of 45 minutes under the spell of pure resonance, and also the macro All Night Gong Puja. Both Gong Experiences address and interface with our usual routine of sleep with the fullness sound of the gong filling the audio cortex of the brain while the mind is in off-line mode.

The influence of the gongs vibratory shaking of the cells in the body acts to support self-healing and to restore and re-establish cellular holistic resonance between the cell and its sacred archetypal template.

It is justifiable to say that each Gong OM bath is similar to being lifted to some mystical meeting ground where the Omega point meets the next Alpha point in a Harmonic Convergence of functional Harmony.

The completed cycle of a micro 45-minute gong bath relates to the 24-hour turn of the earth and greater cycles, such as those that converge on the December 21, 2012 matrix-point.

The gong is the most powerful tone producer on the planet and the healing response gong effect on the human psyche could be as strong in its telepathic resonance as any divine union or soul initiation.


The full immersion of the gong bath is a full body tonic, a tone ceremony of regeneration, renewal and rejuvenation

After sound bathing in the acoustic ocean produced by the gong’s tone field, the re-emerging consciousness in each tone bather, generally, will be spotless. More than likely, it will be momentarily selfless, loving and neutral.

This ultra-personal state of feeling is called Turiya, when the self-awareness senses a Samadhic (Bliss) Fullness while simultaneously being in the Nothingness of Shunyata.

As inner silence gives way to the outer life sounds there is a moment of integration, where outer and inner are one; when sound and silence are one.

It is only after the final tones recede into infinity, when the inner listening bather decompresses and a reverse form Pratyahara takes place as the two inwardly hearing ears hear the outer world.

In the realm of matter, that which is opposite of it would be anti-matter. In the realm of consciousness, the personal ego’s complement must by nature be anti-personal.

It would be our imagined transcendent, transparent, and transpersonal self, what is referred to as the Divine or Diamond Mind located behind and beyond the mundane mind.

Therein lies the Jewel of Wisdom with its trans-evolutionary power that hooks the normal consciousness to universal principles and truths.

The transmutation from self-serving into selfless serving takes place when the dependent fixations of individual awareness are thrown up into a buoyant Akasha sound solution.

This means that the cells floating in this ether element of thought are eligible for upgrading and re-birthing into a more robust and flexible survival condition or state of being.

This automatically happens in the field of the gong’s embrace. Though there may be a feeling of immortality, does it re-energize the telemores, and does it give more plasticity to each cell? Does the gong field with its healing force of holistic resonance resonate our cellular memory, our DNA?

How one takes proper advantage of this alchemy of living feeling tone power is important to all Gong Masters-In-Training for continuing research and study.

According to Dane Rudhyar, the non-violent philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi, and his Satyagraha or ‘truth force’ is in fact the same cosmic flow that comes forth from the reverberating vibrant gong”.


Ahimsa is a wisdom/love guided by non-participation with evil. In the Gandhi-an sense it is the first prerequisite to qualify as a homo-luminous citizen of the world. Ahimsa also inspires the unconditional love of gift giving which is the true economy of the pristine human spirit.

The genuine feeling of generosity without any remunerative condition is the longer living’s key to true regenerative health.

How does the gong support this altruism of the re-booted human spirit?

Since the dinosaurs ruled a reptilian planet for so many millions of years, we have in our genes those primal memory genes lodged in our brain stems. This part of the brain stem is where all the reptilian genes of self-interest rule. They still rule today in practically all of a greater global reptilian society.

By transferring mental activity to the cerebral cortex through the de-materializing effect of the gong on self-identity. The genes of linear rationalization seem to be put on hold and there is a virtual non-judgmental awareness.

With no Ego to resist the flow of tone fullness, those areas that have receptors for the needed tone energy have their blocks removed giving support for the self-healing by the Innate Intelligence.


When we return to the outer world we bring back with us a little taste in our mouth, the nectar taste of Freedom, of Liberation, of Moksha.


From the original gong man cartoon
Say-eth the Gong!

To love yourself best, Love your self in others.
To feel love strongly when you reflect,
Heals even the future

Well Worth Remembering…….

There are within us individually and collectively, altruistic genes that turn on the selfless giving of unconditional love.

These genes are influenced by certain hormones that lock in groove with their designated receptors.

Naturally produced hormones help us rule our lives and secrete through the 7 ductless glands of our endocrine system, and correspond to 7 Chakra counterparts, plus the discovered 8th Ductless Gland, the bones of our body.

Sharing, caring, and loving acts of kindness are bonding principles associated with Oxytocin produced by the Pituitary Gland.

When we bond with others in a blessed way, it is through the gift hormone called Oxytocin.

Receptors for this hormone exist in the brain’s amydgala and subgenual cortex. The Subgenual cortex creates positive feelings and the Amygdala controls our feelings of safety.


Total enveloping of the mind takes place by the gong’s liquid OM plasma engulfing and saturating the materiality of the mind. At some point a sudden lifting & shifting occurs in the boat of our brains. There is a sort of an anointing, psycholoically.

The master gland of the pituitary, called the 3rd eye, or pre-frontal cortex begins to secrete hormones associated with the Buddha Mind of Pure Intuitive Vision.

The warrior reptilian gene of non-ahimsa, anti-altruism is turned off, and the pure love gene of altruistic bonding is turned on. It expresses itself primarily through our hearts. When this occurs we then can better use our Buddha Mind of Intuiton.

The Buddha Nature must think only with a feeling heart of compassion, also called the 3rd Ear of the Heart, 4th Chakra.

Along with the 3rd Eye of the Buddha Mind of non-judgment, the Buddha nature wisely contemplates only in clarity.

Usually we normal beings are disturbed in our Mana Maya Kosha. Our Ego’s Linear Mind is challenged continually by conflicting emotions housed in the 1,2,3 Chakra domains, but a gong bath-well played can quickly soothe the Mana Maya Kosha of the emotional mundane mind. It deftly de-materializes and disengages the Ego from its personal concerns.


To a practicing Gong Master, both opportunity and assignment are welcomed and kept on the front and back burners of the mental stove of the mind, of the brain’s prefrontal cerebral cortex.

Though there may be parallel mental thoughts of the Ego persona and the mundane emotional body, there is also more strongly the Selfless Mind behind that mind; a luminous presence observing without value judgment.

We, as society’s healing sound gong practitioners have a great need to keep progressing our intelligence and wisdom, and ever polishing a diamond mind of happiness.
A good collective development is through a good friendship net meeting more of our second selves in the form of others both near and far.

May we always remember that the Gong with its transformational gifts is a most powerful and effective tool to support the shift and the lift of the consciousness to more refined heart felt states of the Ananda Maya Kosha or Bliss Body.

We can also take heart in the knowledge that true living tones produced by the well-played gong can only be felt in the heart.

And, when the Heart Chakra opens, the listener may be graced with Gong Samadhi, a synthesis of three chakras;
heart, throat, and 3rd eye.

Through this synthesis, the 7th Chakra or Crown’s Chakra has its Pineal Gland stimulated by secretions from the Pituitary Gland with a resultant sense of total health and light heartedness. This could be called holistic-resonant Gong Samadhi. And, it might be possible at that moment for a new template to be revealed in the cellular memory, at least as long as these immersed in sound cells are kept suspended in timelessness.


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