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The 2011 Annual U.K.10-day gong master training



"The 2011 Annual 10-day gong master training for beginners and advanced, and a new course of training, The Gong Yoga Exercise Instructor. On completion of this 10-day you will be eligible to receive a certificate of attendance from the College of Sound Healing.

GMT 2011 is led by Don Conreaux and other Way of the Gong Masters in the Craft of Tone Production.

During this year’s 10-day play-shop retreat we shall highlight more the Initiatory aspects of the process of cellular gong bathing within the molecular moving tone ocean of its OM.


First timers will be brought up to playing shape as quickly as possible in the various skills of spontaneous tone healing by experienced gong masters who have been mastering the healing craft of tone production.


  1. There will be an emphasis on the physical gong yoga exercises, and fundamental skills of guiding pranayama before the gong bath.
  2. 10-minute gong meditations given in private or in a group sitting up. At the end of which, is a Gong Sutra (a verbal connection link to the universal) And then Shunyata, nothing but silence for 2 minutes.
  3. Conducting the Healing Gong Puja, the all night gong slumber party with gongs playing live the full night during sleep.
  4. The private therapeutic 45 minute gong meditation experience.
  5. The unsuspected invitation to play. The many opportunities which offer challenges for breaking through ordinary norms and which are quite open now in our diverse society.
  6. Setting the ethics straight regarding gong therapy and right procedures.
  7. Applying the sacred geometry of tone to stone circles and sonic gardens of world peace.
  8. Gong Masters in celebration. The spontaneous playing together in gong orchestration.
  9. Shruti Box singing and the revealing of the liberated voice.


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