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Rumi said…

There are those that don’t know…..
Yet they don’t know that they don’t know
They are fools,
Who know not they know not
Avoid them!

However, there are those that do know
and know that they know;
They are the wise ones
Follow them! but be wary!

Between these two extremes, the most ignorant and the most wise, between the ruler and the philosopher are two others

There are those that don’t know
but who know they don’t know
They are the children; teach them

Then there are those that do know
Yet who do not know that they do know
They are the sleeping ones; awaken them!

In each of the following Gong Master subjects, we can be a beginning novice, an intermediate apprentice, advanced journeyman, or a master craftsman.

When you apprentice, an intermediate stage comes when you begin to teach beginners what you know. Some of them might want to teach in turn what you teach them. These are your students and you progress as they do.

It is not necessary to teach all subjects on the beginning level until you reach advanced Journeyman level, then all subjects by then should be available through you to teach on level 1. Intro

In a sense we are all gong masters in training and we advance continually in each of these 18 areas below that are the particular teaching domains of the Gong Master from beginning apprentice to master journeyman and finally master craftsman.

Knowing where you stand in each area helps you to self-assess your own development toward Gong Mastery.

We strive to pass on correct information at whatever level we are in our world service, Novitiate to Journeyman.


  1. Teach the history and myth of the gong
  2. Teach the philosophy of Gong consciousness
  3. Teach Correspondences between Colors, Tone Frequency, Astrology, Chakras. Planet Gongs, Cabala, Tarot, Aroma
  4. Teach How to use Chiometer
  5. Teach the science of Tone Combining
  6. Teach how to play Singing Bowl
  7. Teach How to play Gong
  8. Teach How to give a Gong Bath
  9. Teach How to Overtone
  10. Teach the Art of Tone Improvisation.
  11. Teach How to use Shruti Box and Mantra
  12. Teach The Global Mantra Sutra
  13. Teach the Universal Greeting
  14. Teach about the World Peace Bell Gardens
  15. Teach about the World Peace Prophesy of Robert Muller
  16. Teach about the Gong in today’s Global Consciousness
  17. Teach the Sacred Geometry of Starhenge
  18. Teach the principles of Gong Yoga Exercise/Teach the Yoga Exercise Class

In 2011 All Gong Masters are encouraged to hold more classes, workshops and appearances to share any and all of these 18 areas they feel qualified to teach beginning on the level of 1. Intro to Gong Master Training.


All workshops and trainings onsite are available for the online student to come to throughout the year.

Although available to teach both beginning practice in 2010, I prefer to put more energy and focus on the intermediate and advanced phases of Novice, Apprentice, and Journeyman.

At present we have two Advanced Journeyman Gong Masters who teach both Novice and Apprentice. Olaf and Aidan manage the Gong booth at the London Mind/Body/Spirit and also the Gaunts House Gong Masters trainings.

Please assess yourself on these 18 areas
As we will have all students assess themselves after each workshop.

For you gong trainees that have come to previous trainings you will be considered as Apprentice to Craftsman, and if you are teaching the way of the gong you are already on the golden mean way to Master Journeyman.


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