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“I will look at all opportunities that present themselves to me.”

“I don’t need to know everything before beginning. I will learn on the way.”

“Money or lack of it is just an excuse not to start. I will begin now!”

From Magnum Opus of the Gong
‘Vision to Reality’ advice of Andy Lipkis, Founder of Tree People



I How to Play Gong Well

  • Techniques of playing (On video/audio and written essay)
  • How to play Hung and Hand-Held Gong
  • How to play Singing Bowls & Other Primal Tone Producers

II Gong Music Education (On video/audio and written essay)

  • Basic Knowledge of musical principles
  • Philosophy and Science of Tone Combining

III Sacred Tone Improvisation (On video/audio and written essay)

  • The techniques of Performing Tone Rites
  • Practice the Art of Tone Improvisation
  • Working with Your Voice (On video, audio and written essay)
  • Performing the Shruti Song
  • How to Overtone
  • How to use Shruti Box with Mantra and Poem
  • How to weave together the Global Gong Mantra Sutra
  • Sharing The Universal Greeting

IV. Gong Bath Therapy and Research (On video/audio and written essay)

  • Psychology, Ethics and Methodology
  • How to give the Contemplative Gong Bath

V. Gong Consciousness and World Service

  • History and Philosophy (On video/audio and written essay)
  • The history and myth of the gong
  • The philosophy of Gong consciousness
  • The Gong in today’s Global Consciousness
  • The World Peace Bell Gardens
  • The World Peace Prophesy of Robert Muller

VI. Yoga of the Gong (On video/audio and written essay)

  • Pranayama, Kriya Kundalini Exercises
  • Principles of Gong Yoga Exercise/Leading the Yoga Class

VII. The Law of Correspondences (On video/audio and written essay)

  • The Sacred Geometry of the Starhenge Stone Circle
  • How to use The 2 Chiometers: Sky & Earth
  • Correspondences Colors, Tones, Astrology, Planet Gongs, Cabala, Tarot, Aroma, etc.

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