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2010. Year End Report



To my fellow gong masters in training: I am sending this letter to all of you who have been wonderful active healing forces walking the Way of the Gong in 2010. Please pass it along to those who are in your gong groups or gong friends on face book. If you can translate it into the language of your country for those who cannot read English it would be greatly appreciated.

We now have many gong masters in many countries at the end of this year, and more are appearing on the horizon so Gong Family Directory is needed.

We gong players have continued to live the ethics associated with gong mastery as we share the gifts of the gong with our other selves.

Our 10-day trainings at Gaunts House continue to be better than ever.

The 3rd IGM 2010 tour from San Francisco to New Zealand and Australia was a success.

South America under the guidance of Abby Brain continues to grow gong masters. Our next trip there is in February 2011.

Gong Masters in Europe, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Australia, USA and many cities around the world are playing greater and more frequent roles in their local societies.

A new Starhenge World Peace Mandala has appeared on the new Tone of Life Ashram grounds in Porabka, Poland, placed there this year by Director, Tom Czartoryski.

There are so many nice things we would like to report about our 2010 global gong family. Please let us know about you.


(Please read the attached Goals of 2011)

I will appreciate your response.

If you would like to continue to hear from me, more what I am thinking, in regard to the ‘magnum opus’ essays called The Way of the Gong, please let me know.


Also, say if you would like to be included in a private group of on-line students of the gong.

Also, please read the attachment regarding the 8 goals presently on the burners of the 2011 gong stove.

Soon, when the 2011 Calendar schedule of the Teachings will be ready, I will send it to all.

We want to firm up our whole International Gong Family network, and be able to view each other. We need to form the International Council of Gong Masters to organize future whole planet Celebration Gongings to evoke World Peace.

You might consider creating your own student gong study group. We need to begin to grow more as teachers of teachers.

I will send out these intermittent gong studies for continued on-line education toward craftsman level certification.

I hope you will find use of my thoughts.


We are establishing a fund called Friends of the Gong and we are seeking contributions to enable the teachings to be read by all and we are looking for persons who can facilitate the publishing. Any help you can offer in these endeavors will be much appreciated.

Full gong love to you and those that are yours,



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